Aims & Objectives

CCNB aims

• to promote, encourage and support cycling in North Bedfordshire as an important means of transport and as a recreational activity.

It publishes a number of cycle route books, maps and leaflets

• to encourage consideration of the needs of cyclists in all aspects of transport planning and management.

Regular cycling meetings are held with council officers and members and other interested parties through the

Bedford Cycle Strategy Group.

Prior to the formation of the Bedford Unitary Authority on 1 April 2009 regular meetings were also held through the

Bedfordshire County Cycle Forum and the Mid-Beds Cycle Forum.

It is also a member of the

Bedfordshire Rural Transport Partnership Forum
Bedford Hospital Bicycle User Group
Bedford Railway Stations Travel Plan Steering Group
Bedford Green Wheel Stakeholders' Group and
Local Transport Plan Stakeholders' Group

CCNB is affiliated to

cyclenation - formerly the Cycling Campaign Network (CCN)