Cycle Campaigning Tools

The following websites contain the latest national cycling guidelines and other relevant standards:

Department for Transport

Cycle Infrastructure Design (LTN 1/20)

Shared Use Routes (LTN 1/12)

Manual for Streets (Mar 2007)

Manual for Streets 2 (Sep 2010)

Traffic Signs Manual (Mar 2020 Update)

Traffic Management and Streetscene (LTN 1/08)

Transport Use during Covid (Nov 2020)

National Travel Attitudes - Wave 4 (Oct 2020)

Gear Change - A bold vision for cycling and walking (Jul 2020)

Gear Change - One year on (Jul 2021)

Transport for London

Cycle Design Standards (2014)

CIHT Publications

Planning for Cycling (Oct 2014)


The National Cycle Network - Guidelines and Practical Details issue 2

Design Manual Chapter 1 - Principles and processes for cycle friendly design (draft) 2014

Design Manual Chapter 2 - Network Planning for Cyclists (draft) (2014)

Design Manual Chapter 3 - Placemaking (draft) (2014)

Design Manual Chapter 4 - Streets and Roads (draft) (2015)

Design Manual Chapter 5 - Traffic free routes: conceptual design (draft) (2014)

Design Manual Chapter 6 - Traffic free routes: detailed design (draft) (2014)

Design Manual Chapter 7 - Junctions and crossings: cycle friendly design (draft) (2015)

Design Manual Chapter 8 - Bridges and other structures (draft) (2015)

Design Manual Chapter 9 - Cycle and Rail Integration (draft) (2014)

Design Manual Chapter 11 - Signing cycle networks (draft) (2015)

Design Manual Chapter 12 - Cycle parking (draft) (2014)

Design Manual Chapter 13 - Community and stakeholder engagement for infrastructure projects (draft) (2015)

Design Manual Chapter 14 - Land, Legal and Planning (draft) (2014)

Design Manual Chapter 15 - Maintenance and management (draft) (2014)

Design Manual Chapter 16 - Monitoring and evaluation of walking and cycling (draft) (2014)

Handbook for Cycle-Friendly Design

Active Travel Toolbox - Active Travel and Economic Performance - What works well

Active Travel Toolbox - Linking active travel and public transport to housing growth and planning

Part 1 - Aligning housing growth and planning with active travel and public transport

Slide Pack

Part 2 - Planning housing growth to enable active travel and public transport

Slide Pack

Part 3 - Active travel and public transport planning in new housing developments

Slide Pack

Active Travel Toolbox - The role of active travel in improving health

Part 1 - Health and Wellbeing

Slide Pack

Part 2 - Improving Air Quality by walking and cycling

Slide Pack

Part 3 - Improving Mental Health

Slide Pack


Views and Briefings

Space for Cycling Guide for Decision Makers


Space for Cycling Guide for Decision Makers


Making Space for Cycling

The Cycle Hub

The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport - CILT(UK) now hosts key resources from the former Cycling England website and are available here as a free source of carefully selected guidance for anyone working to get more people cycling.


The All Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) supports the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Transport Safety. See their website here. Look at the reports tab for the latest information on cycle safety.

Inclusive Travel Reports

The The Inclusive Transport Strategy: Achieving Equal Access for Disabled People - DfT July 2018 - See the the report here.

A Guide to Inclusive Cycling - 4th edition 2020 by Wheels for Wellbeing - See the the report here.

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