Cycle Campaigning Tools

The following websites contain the latest national cycling guidelines and other relevant standards:

Department for Transport

Cycle Infrastructure Design (LTN 2/08)

Shared Use Routes (LTN 1/12)

Manual for Streets

Manual for Streets 2

Traffic Signs Manual

Planning for Cycling

Traffic Management and Streetscene

Transport for London

Cycle Design Standards 2014


The National Cycle Network - Guidelines and Practical Details issue 2

Design Manual Chapter 1 - Principles and processes for cycle friendly design (draft) 2014

Design Manual Chapter 2 - Network Planning for Cyclists (draft) (2014)

Design Manual Chapter 3 - Placemaking (draft) (2014)

Design Manual Chapter 4 - Streets and Roads (draft) (2015)

Design Manual Chapter 5 - Traffic free routes: conceptual design (draft) (2014)

Design Manual Chapter 6 - Traffic free routes: detailed design (draft) (2014)

Design Manual Chapter 7 - Junctions and crossings: cycle friendly design (draft) (2015)

Design Manual Chapter 8 - Bridges and other structures (draft) (2015)

Design Manual Chapter 9 - Cycle and Rail Integration (draft) (2014)

Design Manual Chapter 11 - Signing cycle networks (draft) (2015)

Design Manual Chapter 12 - Cycle parking (draft) (2014)

Design Manual Chapter 13 - Community and stakeholder engagement for infrastructure projects (draft) (2015)

Design Manual Chapter 14 - Land, Legal and Planning (draft) (2014)

Design Manual Chapter 15 - Maintenance and management (draft) (2014)

Design Manual Chapter 16 - Monitoring and evaluation of walking and cycling (draft) (2014)

Handbook for Cycle-Friendly Design

Active Travel Toolbox - Active Travel and Economic Performance - What works well

Active Travel Toolbox - Linking active travel and public transport to housing growth and planning

Part 1 - Aligning housing growth and planning with active travel and public transport

Slide Pack

Part 2 - Planning housing growth to enable active travel and public transport

Slide Pack

Part 3 - Active travel and public transport planning in new housing developments

Slide Pack

Active Travel Toolbox - The role of active travel in improving health

Part 1 - Health and Wellbeing

Slide Pack

Part 2 - Improving Air Quality by walking and cycling

Slide Pack

Part 3 - Improving Mental Health

Slide Pack


Views and Briefings

Space for Cycling Guide for Decision Makers


Making Space for Cycling

The Cycle Hub

The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport - CILT(UK) now hosts key resources from the former Cycling England website and are available here as a free source of carefully selected guidance for anyone working to get more people cycling.

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