Signal Controlled Crossings

A review was carried out by the Borough of all signalled crossings in early 2011 to see if changes in the signal timings could be made to reduce the average waiting times for pedestrians and cyclists, particularly for families with young children, without any significant delays to road traffic. In the urban area there are currently nearly 60 signalled crossings and as a result of the review approximately two thirds have been amended.

Crossing Types:

Pegasus - for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders
Toucan - for pedestrians and cyclists
Pelican/Puffin - for pedestrians - cyclists MUST walk across
Zebra - uncontrolled for pedestrians - cyclists MUST walk across
Parallel Crossing - a Zebra crossing for pedestrians and a parallel crossing for cyclists marked with 'elephant' footprints. This type of crossing was authorised under the updated Traffic Signs Regulations and General Direction 2016 which came into force on 22 April 2016 .

Numerous new crossings are likely to be provided over the next few years to improve the safety of cyclists and pedestrians.

Recent New Installations

Installations Outstanding


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