Highway Information

Bedford Borough Council is responsible for the improvement, maintenance and development of the public highway network within the Borough, excluding the A1, the A421 and the A428 (from the A1 to the County boundary) which are Trunk Roads and are therefore the responsibility of the Highways Agency.

Not all roads are public highways; some are privately owned and may have special conditions attached to their use.

The links below are to Bedford Borough Council's website pages which give information on the state of highway improvements which could or will influence the provision of safe cycling within the Borough.

Transport Regulation Orders (TROs)

A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is a legal instrument that enables the Highway Authority to regulate or prohibit the movement of traffic on the highway. They apply to the regulation of speed, weight, movement and parking of vehicles as well as regulating pedestrian movement.

Proposed TRO's for waiting restrictions (yellow lines or other parking restrictions), speed limits and toucan/zebra/puffin crossings, etc that are being considered or are out to consultation.

Permanent TRO's.

Key Transport Projects taking place on the highway and elsewhere in Bedford Borough.


A map giving the location and information of current roadworks in and around Bedford Borough can be seen under Roadworks.

Information on current and future road maintenance in and around Bedford Borough can be seen under Highway Network Management.

Highway Development Control

Highway Development Control considers the highway aspects of planning applications and look after Section 38 and Section 278 Agreements.

Advice on Planning Applications and Pre-Planning Enquiries When assessing planning applications and pre-planning enquiries the Highway Development Team must take into account the following:

• Impact of the proposal on highway safety
• Compliance with highway design standards, both local and national
• Existing and future capacity of the local highway network
• Accessibility of the site by all modes of transport
• Mitigation measures in relation to any impacts
• Travel plans

As part of assessing suitability of development proposals the team is responsible for securing funding for off-site highway infrastructure improvements as well as measures such as traffic calming, footway/cycleway provision and public transport services.

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